What is actually gated content?

Content for data these kinds of deals are already completely normal for us. And so gated content has become an important tool for generating marketing leads. But how exactly does this bartering work? And what do we need to consider when implementing it? Here you can find out everything you need to know about gated content.

So what exactly is gated content?

While content is usually free, it is rarely free. To access gated content, a visitor to a website or social media feed must first hand over their contact details. Only then does the “gate” open, i.e. he can access the content? Consequently, content gating is an essential part of the content and inbound marketing. This is also referred to as premium content or a content upgrade.

Gated content is always a lead magnet. But a lead magnet doesn’t have to be content. However, because of its ease of replication and delivery, content is particularly popular as a lead magnet.

What do you need to consider when implementing it?

Gated content is only attractive to the target customer if a certain value is attached to it. Website visitors often doubt the actual competence of the author or brand. (Therefore, also note the bonus tip at the end of this article).

Before someone gives their contact information to a stranger or organization, there must be a sufficient relationship of trust. Consequently, anything that is not “gated” must build the visitor’s trust.

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