Evaluate the online survey in 6 steps

Evaluating and analyzing surveys is straightforward thanks to online tools such as HeyForm. When preparing the results, it is beneficial that automated reports are available at every stage of the survey. However, it is important to know which functions and filters can be used for which purpose. In this article, we explain what you should… Continue reading Evaluate the online survey in 6 steps

What is actually gated content?

Content for data these kinds of deals are already completely normal for us. And so gated content has become an important tool for generating marketing leads. But how exactly does this bartering work? And what do we need to consider when implementing it? Here you can find out everything you need to know about gated… Continue reading What is actually gated content?

Create Unsubscribe Forms with HeyForm

With HeyForm you can create unsubscribe forms in no time and directly in the software. These offer your recipients the option to unsubscribe from your newsletter in addition to the normal unsubscribe link in every email.