Lead magnet ideas with example


They belong to the most common form of all lead magnets. It is important to have a practical reference to the service offered.


Complex tasks are often most easily solved with the help of a template. These are, for example, prepared forms and texts. True to the motto “Copy – Paste – Done”, this can save the user an enormous amount of time. Templates for cover letters and e-mails have always been particularly popular.


The classic lead magnet is the newsletter via e-mail. However, as a sender, you have to offer something so that potential subscribers reveal their e-mail address at all. Advertising is less in demand than useful or entertaining content.

Educational Content

Lifelong learning defines our present. Consequently, the web is full of seminars and HowTos on almost every topic. Webinars, video, and podcast formats are particularly popular.

Freemium / Free Trial

SaaS and cloud providers in particular have an interest in establishing contact with potential customers. Since they would like to put the product through its paces, freemium or free trial offers result in a win-win situation for both sides.


Scientific studies are particularly popular in B2B marketing because they provide first-hand, up-to-the-minute insights. More importantly, target customers can use study results to convince their superiors to take a closer look at your product or service. This approach usually has the disadvantage that it involves a high investment of money and time.

Case studies

Also very popular in B2B marketing is the use of case studies. These are usually portraits of an organization that was able to solve a problem with the help of a specific service. The success is underpinned with key figures and quotes from project participants. The more interesting and authentic the story, the better.

Free consultation / audit

A classic lead magnet is a free, standardized consultation. Think, for example, of the eye test offered by many opticians.

Web tools

The web is full of free rate calculators and DSL line measurement tools. In fact, such web tools are excellent lead magnets if they offer real added value. The fewer comparable offers, the better. For the provider, the biggest advantage is the scalability as well as the localizability of the lead magnet.

Print catalogs

Yes, still exist printed catalogs. For many companies, they are an extremely important branding tool. Not least because they are suitable as lead magnets.


The XL version of an education whitepaper is an eBook. It conveys knowledge on more than just 10 to 20 pages and is aimed at anyone who wants to read up meticulously on a particular topic.


There are countless ways to draw website visitors out. You have to determine for yourself what works best for your business. Which lead magnet idea do you want to take up first?

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